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Though full scale production lines are usually monitored by their inherent SCADA (Supervisory control and Data Acquisition) systems. Batch shops and discrete systems are often ignored (from real time monitoring) as they often do not fall in the critical path of the production process. The second major factor is the cost of monitoring which somehow did not justify the need for it. However it has been found that even non critical applications form part of major bottleneck when it comes to production down time.

Predictive maintenance allows manufacturers to lower maintenance costs, extend equipment life, reduce  downtime and improve production quality by addressing problems before they cause equipment failures. 


Regular maintenance is a process that is adopted by every organization. The main difference is that preventive  maintenance is scheduled at regular intervals while predictive maintenance is scheduled as needed (based on asset conditions). Because predictive maintenance is performed only when needed, it reduces labor and
material costs.

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An elixir of cost effective industrial automation, our solution bundling the latest generation of IoT enabled devices and Deep Learning engines provides real-time condition monitoring on any kind of application based on the specificity of monitoring.

Our range of customizable solutions provide real-time control there by improving efficiency and minimizing defect or even disaster.

Our Predictive Failure Analysis system ensures high availability of your production line by analysing the health and predicting failures well ahead.

The modular approach is easily integrated with our Asset Management solution providing a one-stop solution for all your Plant Asset management and maintenance processes.

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PredAct Applications.png
  • Aqua culture in extensive, intensive and hyper intensive aqua farms.

  • Manufacturing – Production line monitoring.

  • Building management systems – Real time monitoring of energy demand.

  • Agriculture: Real time monitoring for high yield precision agriculture, and in hygrophony

  • Malls: Parking solutions in malls.

  • Medical: Monitoring home cared patient’s vital parameters.

  • Logistics: Vehicle and goods monitoring in transit.

  • Air quality and environment monitoring for areas around the plan 

And many more utilities not limited to just these.

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